Please be sure to read the FAQ's section below. Aside from pictures taken we also offer the following: DVD slideshows, 8X10 Canvas Prints, Folios, and Graduation Posters, please contact for pricing.

Here is a little more information from some FAQ's.

Q. "What clothing options are best when choosing outfits?"

A. Look for solid colors. You don't want prints that are overly busy and colorful as that will draw the attention away from you. If you play sports, jerseys are just fine and I encourage any clothing styles that reflect who you are. Ladies, please be watchful of tops that are too low cut. A simple cami works nicely underneath and also helps with onsite clothing changes. I do have a pop up tent to use for onsite changing if needed.

Q. "How long will it take?"

A. Although I book sessions for 2 hours, it rarely takes even that long. The time depends on location, number of outfit changes, and the degree of cooperation. Time can also be effected if we have to wait for other photographers or just families enjoying the same spot we are shooting. I can take a lot of photos in a short amount of time.

Q. "Can I bring a friend or sibling?"

A. Yes! The only thing I ask is that if a friend is accompanying you, that it does not become a distraction. I have taken several Seniors at the same time so they can do "buddy shots" together as well. This is a fun way to take your senior photos as well. If mom and dad want a few shots with you and your sibling, that is no problem.

Q. "Can I have some shots with my pet, animal, car, instrument, sports equipment?"

A. Yes! I have taken photos of seniors with just about everything. All props are welcome!

Q. "How many locations can we take pictures at?"

A. I would like to stick with one location that has lots of options. I am open to a second location if it is within 5 minutes of the primary location.

Q. "When is payment due?"

A. Payment is due when the editing of the photos is complete and you come to pick them up. Please make sure you bring the payment with you. Check/Cash/Money Order are all acceptable forms of payment.

Q. "Do I have to sign the photo release form and what do you use it for?"

A. No, you do not. The form grants me permission to use the senior's photos to promote my business. I use them on brochures, marketing material, and on the website as a few examples. If the senior is not yet 18, a parent/guardian must sign for the senior. Please make sure a parent/guardian is with the senior when picking up the photos.

Q. "How do I receive my photos?"

A. I will call/email once they are complete. I put all the edited, high resolution, photos on a DVD disc along with the copyright release. The copyright release is needed for you to be able to print the photos anywhere and also for the legal right to share photos on Facebook and via email with friends and family.